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Perfect Garlic Butter Blackened Redfish by Roz from La Bella Vita Cucina

This beautiful blackened redfish recipe comes with an entire background from the author, Roz. She has a very fun story that we enjoyed reading, explaining how she came into contact with this recipe from an older cookbook that she searched for after having some unfamiliar fish in a seaside restaurant in South Carolina. She discovered Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish recipe, and has even provided a link to find an old copy of this book if you become inspired to try more of his work.

Screenshot 2022-03-02 230111.jpg

Click here to see the full recipe that includes steps shown through pictures she took during her process through making the recipe, a full detailed step-by-step at the bottom of the page which includes prep time and a list of ingredients, details about redfish including texture and flavor, and lots of tips for preparing your fish to be cooked.

Baked Redfish Fillets by Diana Rattray


We love Diana's recipe in that she is very thorough in explaining exactly was redfish is, what it tastes like, and giving some similar alternatives that are close in flavor that could be used for this very same dish. She gives an ingredient list, including links to certain items including how to prepare them, what they are, or how to make them. Moving on to the actual recipe, she gives short and sweet steps along with pictures that show her performing each step and how your progress should look at each stage.

Click here to see the full recipe that includes details about redfish and its possible substitutes, and ingredients list, visual steps for the recipe, and even tips about how a fish cooks and the optimal way to slice lemon wedges.

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