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This chef is a favorite on this page, and for a very good reason! She provides very delicious and detailed recipes that we love recommending to you, our amazing customers. She claims that "[t]he easiest and best way to cook a fish is to make a Whole Baked Fish. The flesh is at its juiciest and most tender, and it’s completely effortless. Cooking fish this way is easy enough for midweek meals, but still makes an impressive centerpiece for occasions!" She breaks away at the intimidation of cooking a whole fish by explaining how to tell if a fish is fresh as well as how to gut and prepare a whole fish to start cooking if it hasn't already been done for you. She even goes as far as giving a list of whole fish to avoid tackling in the kitchen with this method. The fish in that list are very delicious, but we don't recommend stuffing them in your oven.

Click here to see the full page that includes an in-depth introduction for newcomers to handling whole fish, basic ingredients for these recipes, as well as detailed steps with the recipe she's provided complete with pictures and a YouTube video for those visual learners out there.

Oven Baked Whole Snapper by Crafty Cooking by Anna

Anna is very thorough in describing some important things about your snapper before you even start the cooking process. She gives some very accurate information about the snapper, the different species and the comparison between the two, as well as some replacements for this fish if you're craving some white meat but cant get your hands on some whole snapper.

She also gives some good secrets to the success of making this swimmer into a delicious meal for your dinner table.

Click here to see the full page that includes an in-depth instruction for buying and preparing your fish, a step-by-step recipe with pictures, and alternative fish for this dish.

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