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Sunday July 14th, 2024

OPEN 10-2

Meet Miss Mary

Miss Mary is what is known as a Chesapeake deadrise. The Chesapeake deadrise is the traditional fishing boat used throughout the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries. Watermen use deadrises year round for crabbing, oystering, fishing, and eels. 

Miss Mary was built in1972 in Deltaville, VA by boat builder, Grover Lee Owens. A Rappahannock Roundstern, she has had numerous owners during the her lifetime. Miss Mary was owned by Tony's father from 1982 - 2000. Tony purchased "Miss Mary" in 2013, and spent the next five years doing a fiberglass top to waterline restoration. 

For most of her life, she was docked in Poquoson, VA. Today, Miss Mary is docked in White Stone, VA on Tabbs Creek.


How It All Started

#STFU didn't always stand for "Seafood That's For U." The first version of the acronym was "Some Tractor For U," which was for a tractor business Tony started so he could work while he wasn't on the tugboat.

Eventually, Tony switched gears and started selling shrimp on the side instead. After he started dating Lisa, she took over selling seafood on the side while he was on the tugboat. June 9, 2017 was the first sale in White Stone.

On Tony's birthday August 6, 2017, they picked up the newly lettered box to go on the back of his truck. That day, the next version of #STFU became "Seafood Truck For U."

Lisa hit the ground running, selling seafood on the side of the road from Poquoson to White Stone. She also went to farmer's markets in Yorktown, Urbana, and Kilmarnock. 

April 1, 2018, Lisa and Tony signed the lease on the store in White Stone.

Mother's Day of 2018, Lisa got a call that there was a delivery of fresh shrimp headed her way. She had no choice but to postpone her plans so she could sell seafood that day.

From then on, Lisa and Tony have been selling Seafood That's Fabulously Unbelievable to their customers.


Meet Captain Tony

Captain Tony Ferguson was born and raised in Poquoson, VA. He has been a waterman all of his life, working the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Captain Tony was a tugboat captain for many years and has traveled to ports throughout the Chesapeake Bay.

Visit the store, and Tony will give you a warm welcome, bright smile, and a sincere handshake. You only need to meet him once and you know immediately that he loves his seafood business and is dedicated and determined to provide his customers with the highest quality seafood obtained from reliable sources.

Captain Tony takes pride in his catch of crabs and oysters aboard the Miss Mary.

Meet Lisa Carol

Lisa Carol was born and raised in White Stone, VA. Lisa and her family have been working the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries for over 5 generations. Her family owned an oyster/fish house on the Rappahannock River and Mosquito Creek, Ro-Hut Oyster House, Inc. in the 80/90's. She is a licensed VA commercial fisherman, and for years oystered alongside her father and brother on her brother Shawn's deadrise, the "Lady Lindsay". Lisa Carol is mom to two, Lacy (26) and Olivia (20), has an associates in drafting & design, studied abroad in Italy while in college, has a fur baby, and loves to cook.

Lisa Carol is also an avid photographer, "The Salty Daughter, A Waterman Through Her Eyes". She has her pictures hanging up in the market. 

Lisa Carol is dedicated and passionate about Miss Mary Seafood, the seafood industry and the environment. She will make sure her customers have access to the highest quality seafood obtained from reliable sources, clean vessels and clean waters.


Customers' Reviews

"I just LOVE you guys!"
“Picked up some fresh tuna and shrimp for dinner. It was awesome!! Great customer service.”

"Awesome people! Awesome products! A great addition to White Stone~"

"First time buying today and the scallops and shrimp were Ah- Mazing!! So delish, will definitely be back!"

"Super fresh, local seafood conveniently located in White Stone on the weekends! Lisa is super nice and helpful too!"

"Always the best seafood and prices around! Love to support local fisherman to get the best quality seafood!"

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