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Captain Tony & Miss Mary Leaving Newport News, VA 

"Gettin it Done!" with Captain Tony, Bubba & Jim

Cold Day, 26 Degrees 

It's A Pretty Morning with Captain Tony & Cousins, Bubba & Jim

Sunrise Oyster Tonging on the Chesapeake Bay with Captain Tony & Cousins, Bubba & Jim

Oyster Tonging with Captain Tony on Miss Mary

Poquoson Seafood Festival & Deadrise Boat Races


Dolphin Diving with Captain Tony

Captain Tony, on the Great Wicomico River, was returning from a crab run and took this amazing video of a pod of dolphins dancing in Miss Mary's boat wake!  Such a beautiful day - blue skies, calm seas, soft breeze, beautiful clouds, and dolphins!  Watch these amazing dolphins, escorting Captain Tony back home while dancing on the waves!

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