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Most people love knowing their seafood is fresh, but sometimes that comes with being left with a whole fish you have no idea what to do with! Well you can stop your worries, because Tatiana has you covered with this easy baked grouper recipe. This super simple recipe uses seasonal vegetables, lemon, and fresh herbs you can get right from your garden (or the supermarket if you have a black thumb).

If you've ever been in the store and have gotten recipes from Jaclyn or Tony, then you know how much we love the air fryer. This chef must share our love because she even has a link to an air fryer recipe, as well as a pan seared version. Whatever the method, Tatiana ensures a delicious and beautiful presentation for your dinner table.

Click here to see the full recipe that includes the recipe steps with pictures, an ingredients list, recipe variations, and advice on serving and storing the leftovers. She even has a section where she answers some frequently asked questions about grouper.

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