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"If you’re looking for an easy, healthy dinner, try broiling a piece of fish. It DOES NOT get any easier. And I’m not kidding. Six minutes and dinner is done. I especially like to broil Florida red snapper. Just sprinkle your fillet with a little salt, pepper, olive oil and smoked paprika. Put it 5 to 6 inches from the broiler flame (skin-side up!), don’t flip and that’s it. The meat will be mild and moist with an almost sweet flavor. I’d love to hear if you broil fish at home, and if so, what types do you like best."

This recipe was provided by chef Joe Gurrera's Facebook page. To see his website with more seafood recipes, click here.

This is a very simple baked fish recipe with a delicious sauce that brings out the flavors in the fish without overpowering anything. It's so easy that you just toss everything into one pan, throw it in the oven, let it cool, and enjoy! This recipe will work for most fish, but is especially great for white fish fillets.

This recipe was made with a chef that has the everyday household in mind. She believes that amazing dishes can be made with simple ingredients and easy steps, which she has proven with this amazing recipe! She also loves hearing from people who have tried her recipes, so make sure to snap a pic of your finished product and tag her on Instagram   @RecipeTinEats.

Click here to see the full recipe, including how to make the sauce, what fish is best to use, and even links to other recipes that go great with this dish.

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Kristen, the creator of this dish, has tried her hand at cooking whole fish which she claims is "which is insanely easy, delicious and cheaper than fillets," and we would have to agree! The great thing is that the prep for this dish may claim to be 30 minutes, but it is very easy to follow. 

Click here to see the full recipe that includes steps for cooking, calories for a serving size of six, as well as suggested pairings for you wine drinkers out there.

How To Cook A Whole Fish by Ali from

In the spirit of cooking whole fish, we have found Ali who has her own website that she has super easy recipes and different methods to follow them. This recipe is a very general how-to when it comes to baking a fish which gives you wiggle room to add your own ingredients and experiment with what works for you. Before she even begins giving the step-by-step for the recipe, she gives good, detailed advice on how to buy a fresh fish, some of the best base ingredients to use when baking a whole fish, how to prepare the fish, how to roast it, and even how to eat it for those of you worried about the bones.

Click here to see the full recipe that includes steps for preparation, the best ingredients that work with a whole fish, the best sides to serve with your delicious concoction, and even an Instagram video of the recipe highlights she posts where you can browse for more recipes!

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Daniel wants you to eat more fish. So do we, and the both of us can agree that the salmon and tuna of the world would appreciate it if everyone expanded their fish palette. There are so many amazing fish out there that taste amazing, but people usually tend to stick with what they know. We hope with this recipe, and the advice given by Daniel, you'll be able to branch out and find some new favorites for the dinner table. He really gives some amazing guidance and resources for finding other fish to try and we highly recommend you check out his page even if whole fish isn't your thing.

Click here to see the full recipe that includes the step-by-step, a guide on how to acquire and prepare the fish before you start cooking, a video on how to cut and serve your meal, and even sound advice on how to tell how fresh a whole fish is.

We love to include a lot of basic recipes for you guys, and the most classic one has to be fish sticks. Suzy recommends any white fish (like cod or halibut) for this recipe, but also recommends salmon as a good, healthy substitute for a little more Omega-3. This recipe promises for delicious fish sticks with a firm inside and crispy parmesan crust with some tasty spices.

Click here to see the full recipe that includes an ingredients list, step-by-step instructions with pictures, and some links to some great side dishes.

Crispy Homemade Fish Sticks by Suzy Karadsheh

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