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Cobia ​is a popular fish at Miss Mary Seafood, so we thought we would provide an amazing recipe for this swimmer that we have in stock so often. Tanya not only describes the flavor cobia has compared to other fish, but she gives some good advice on where your cobia is going to come from if it is indeed fresh, which is along the east coast between the Gulf of Mexico and North Carolina, unless you're purchasing during the winter months in which it will have migrated to Florida waters. Before she delves into the recipe, she also explains what it means when a fish is blackened as well as the base ingredients used in most recipes for this method.

Click here to see the full recipe that includes steps for preparation, advice on where your fish should come from, explanations of what it means to blacken a fish, a full recipe with picture, even how to handle your leftovers if you don't manage to clean your plate!

How to Cook Cobia by Crowd Cow

This recipe is so simple in that it only has 3-4 steps for each method! This isn't particularly unique, nor does it include and sides, but it's a very basic method in cooking cobia three different ways: broiled, sauteed, and grilled.

Click here to see the full page that includes a brief description of the taste of cobia and general recipes for three different methods of cooking cobia.

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