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Broiled Oysters with Chile Butter by Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman

If you have a craving for oysters and want to add a little kick, then look no further. This appetizer features oysters on the half shell in a beautiful presentation. They best part is, if you don't use all of the butter, then you can easily freeze it and use it for another dish!

Click here to see the full recipe including an ingredients list, instructions on how to properly broil an oyster, and a link to their full Feast of Seven Fishes menu.

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This recipe holds a very important and consistent product we stock at Miss Mary Seafood combined with a favorite food group of Lisa Carol and her family, pasta! This dish is not only deliciously pleasing for your taste buds, but the presentation is beautiful and almost looks gourmet if your looking to add something visually pleasing to your repertoire.


Not only does she explain the steps to her specific recipe of Scallop Spaghetti in White Wine Sauce, but she also provides tips and tricks about how to sear scallops, the best kind of scallop to use in recipes like this (spoiler alert; sea scallops!), even going as far to explain the benefits of using a creamy sauce for a dish including scallops such as the one she used for her pasta dish. 

Click here to see the full recipe as well as in-depth descriptions about the benefits this dish has to enhance the flavor of your scallops, tips and tricks on how to sear them to perfection, variations of different pastas and sauces to use, and even recommended recipes Julia has created if you liked this one.

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