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Erica is Columbian native now living in northeastern US with her husband and kids and has taken her talents to the kitchen. She decided to start a blog dedicated to her grandmother, Mamita, and loves showcasing her traditional Columbian dishes that Erica grew up with. And, what better way to introduce a cooking culture with something as simple and universal (not to mention delicious) as seafood! This coconut sauce compliments the swordfish very well, and it's recommended that this mixture be served with white rice to soak up all of those delicious flavors. 


Click here to see the full recipe that includes and ingredient list, a simple step-by-step instruction list that's very easy to follow, links to other recipes within this blog, and even substitutes that can be used in this recipe

Otherwise known as Lemon-Rosemary Swordfish en Papillote, is an amazing dish featuring fresh swordfish filets, along with a short list of simple ingredients, that will be sure to impress! Lee is very "passionate about making cooking and entertaining easy, elegant and fun." She likes providing recipes, helpful and general tips about cooking, and even seasonal menus to give your kitchen a spark of inspiration. This particular dish was inspired by a trip to Hawaii, exploring the beauty of Maui. She made this for swordfish, but she notes that it can be substituted for halibut.

Click here to see the full recipe that includes and ingredient list, what swordfish tastes like, different cooking methods for this dish, and very detailed advice for cooking the fish and storing the leftovers if you didn't manage to clean your plate.

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