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Grilled Wahoo with Tomato Sauce by Bobby Flay with Food Network


Food Network has always been known to provide amazing and delicious looking recipes that look gourmet, but are most times very easy to make. This dish is no exception. It was introduced to the network by Bobby Flay, an American celebrity chef and owner of several successful restaurants around the country. He has always been a big tv persona that always knew his way around a grill, and he certainly showed off his expertise once again.

Click here to see the full recipe that includes and ingredient list, a simple step-by-step instruction list that's very easy to follow, and a short video clip of Bobby making this concoction.

3 Delicious Ways to Cook Wahoo (Ono) by wikiHow, coauthored by Hunter Rising

WikiHow is one of those websites that will tell you how to do virtually anything in the simplest way possible, which is great for first-timers handling a fish, or in this case, wahoo (also known as ono). Wahoo is a very delicious tropical fish with delicate flavors, which means it's very easy to overpower the fish with certain ingredients. This guide not only gives tips on simple ways to cook this fish and still get a great meal from it, but also provides three different methods: pan-searing, baking, and grilling.


Click here to see the full page that includes a list of ingredients for each individual method, step-by-step instruction of how to perform each method listed, and even pictures to go along with each step.

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