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"The extra textural element and flavor you get from the crispy golden skin is all you need for a salmon dinner. Serve it naked, straight up!" says chef Nagi. This is delicious way to serve your salmon without all the extra sauces and toppings, just a beautifully goldened fish with perfectly crisped skin. Yum!

This recipe was made with a chef that has the everyday household in mind. She believes that amazing dishes can be made with simple ingredients and easy steps, which she has proven with this awesome recipe! She also loves hearing from people who have tried her recipes, so make sure to snap a pic of your finished product and tag her on Instagram   @RecipeTinEats.

Click here to see the full recipe, including how to get the perfect golden brown crisp of that salmon skin, how to properly prepare the fish before cooking, and even links to other recipes that go great with this dish.


This very simple yet delicious ​baked salmon recipe uses basic ingredients like garlic and butter to enhance the already incredible flavor of salmon and allow the flakiness of the fish to melt in your mouth. This recipe was designed for the simplicity of it. The ingredients only consist of olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic, lemon, and a Italian blend of herbs. And the salmon filets, of course. The site even has links to more complicated, but still very doable, recipes that have a bit more flair and additive ingredients for people to try, but this one is as easy as you can get.

Click here to see the full recipe, including a step-by-step with pictures included, different types of salmon on the market, health benefits of this pink swimmer, how to shop for salmon so you know that what you're buying is fresh, and even tips on how to prepare, bake, and store those leftovers.

CRAB STUFFED SALMON by Angela from Bake it with Love

With a creamy crabmeat filling, tender baked salmon, and a beautifully crunchy topping, this recipe will make you feel like you tucked in at a 5 star restaurant. Not only is this recipe easy and simple to follow, but your taste buds will thank you for the amazing, savory seafood combo of fish and crustacean. And the best part is, this recipe works with any fish! So if you're not feeling salmon, or you're more of a steak-y fish kind of person, you can still enjoy this tasty goodness.

Click here to see the full recipe, including a step-by-step with an ingredients list, how to store and reheat your leftovers, links to sides and other fish recipes, and more!

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Tuscan Salmon by Rasa Malaysia


When you combine salmon with a delicious sauce made with fresh ingredients, it's sure to be a big hit at the dinner table. This is an easy recipe to spice up your salmon filets that goes great with pasta, rice, or garlic bread. She even gives some great recipe suggestions for bread.

This is a thinner white wine recipe with some heavy whipping cream as a thickening agent with some spinach and tomatoes. Those vegetables are sure to make it healthy enough to not have to "watch what you eat" that night.

Click here to see the full recipe, including an ingredient list, suggested sides, suggested substitutes for white wine, and links to other salmon recipes you may enjoy

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